Bouldering Areas in the Forest of Dean

With a few exceptions, the areas included here are a short list of the best boulder problems from the Quarry Life guidebook, these were the 120+ FA's established by Oliver Keynes, David Cross, Mark Davies and others, the lines that brought new interest to the Forest bouldering scene and perfectly timed with the opening of Forest Climbing, Cinderford, by visionary local Callum Frowen and partner Beccy. Added to this are several new venues that were found/established/finally worked out after the guidebook was published. A new guidebook is due out 2021 which apparently lifts the lid on even more bouldering in the Forest, we wait excitedly for the details...

While Covid proves to be a bastard and gyms are shut in localised Tiers, be sure to check out the Barn in Hereford, but only if you are allowed to travel. Stay safe. Avoid infecting others.

Above, guidebook author and block hunter on the Sauvette boulder.


Around Cinderford
Around Ellwood
Around Lydbrook
Around Staunton

8 Big Map
PDF – 101.9 KB 141 downloads
12 Marthas 1 Topo
PDF – 92.0 KB 133 downloads
26 Berry Hill Getting There
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31 Lydbrook Road Side Topo
PDF – 92.7 KB 97 downloads
52 Block X Getting There
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57 Elwood Quarry Topo Q 1
PDF – 91.0 KB 121 downloads
62 Elwood Quarry Topo Q 2 3 4
PDF – 93.3 KB 111 downloads
72 Telegraph Getting There
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